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What is Zoor?

What makes the zoor unique?

where is zoor made?

is the zoor safe and healthy?

Zoor Device

how long does a charge last?

Can i overcharge the battery?

What is the warranty for zoor?

Zoor Pods

what is the nicotine concentration?

how many cigarettes = 1 pod?

how should i store my zoor pods? do they expire?

How do i dispose of a zoor pod?

are you going to make non-nicotine pods?

what are the ingredients in the liquid of zoor pods?

can i refill my zoor pods?

Can i open the zoor pod or device?

Will you be releasing other flavors? ordering

can i buy zoor and zoor pods in a store near me?

is zoor available outside the US?

how do i get wholesale pricing?

If i retail zoor how do i get added to your store locator?

what is the return policy for zoor?

when is the soonest i can get my order?

can i make a change to an existing order?

Can I return my product for a refund?

zoor troubleshooting

my zoor is not producting vapor

my zoor is not charging

do i need to clean my zoor?